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Hello Devoted & Driven Hostess!

As a host, the most important tool for you is your Devoted Conference 2021 Host Guide. How do you get a host guide? As soon as you register to host the Devoted Conference, your guide will be sent to you by email.

On this page you’ll find information and links for our YouTube Channel, Event Invites, Facebook Group, Music Playlists, Pinterest Boards, and our FAQ page.

Devoted YouTube Channel

The Devoted YouTube Channel is another essential tool for you as you host the conference in your home.

Our YouTube Channel is new so it can be a bit difficult to find using YouTube’s search.

View and subscribe to our channel here.

The conference videos will be loaded in viewing order on our playlist “Devoted and Driven Conference 2021” at 8:30 a.m. on March 6, 2021.

Event Invites

Our printable invitations have space for you to write or type in your event and RSVP information. We left the back blank so you can write a personal note to your guests.

Our digital invite image is simple, allowing you to send or post it with your own event information typed alongside it.

Facebook Group

The Devoted & Driven Facebook group is a great place for further discussion and connection. Use it before the conference to connect with other hostesses and bounce ideas off each other. Use it after the conference to keep the discussion going.


We’ve put together a playlist of Christian music you can use during your event. You might want to play background music are before and after your event, during discussion breaks, and during your lunch break. Our playlist is available on both YouTube and Spotify, both of which can be accessed for free.


You can keep your event decor simple or make it very elaborate – it’s up to you! We’ve put together some suggestions for you on Pinterest, but please feel free to make your event your own.


If you feel comfortable serving food in your home at this time, we’ve put together some fun single-serving options and suggestions on how to entertain while social distancing. If you would prefer not to serve food, you might consider having a lunch break where ladies can leave to go have lunch or using the two-day or five-week Bible study schedule for your conference.


Favors have always been one of our favorite parts of the Devoted Conference because it allows ladies to take home a tangible, physical reminder of what they’ve learned. If you decide to include favors at your event, we invite you to take a look at our favor ideas on Pinterest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for something not addressed here or in your Host Guide? Head over to our FAQ page!


Follow up

Thank you so much for hosting Devoted and Driven 2021! Please take a moment to fill in the form below with your guests’ information so we can follow up with them. We have included space for seven attendees. If you had more than seven attendees please submit the first 7 and then fill out the form again with any remaining.

We also encourage you to follow up with your guests personally. A call, text, email, or note in the mail will mean so much.

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