Watch the Conference

The conference content, including worship and teaching sessions, will be made available to you on March 6th on the Devoted Conference YouTube Channel. The conference videos will be loaded in viewing order on our playlist “Devoted and Driven Conference 2021.” We recommend that you watch the conference on our YouTube Channel. You can also watch it here on this page using the embedded player below.

Attendee Guide

We’re excited to provide you with the Devoted & Driven Conference 2021 Attendee Guide. Inside this guide, you’ll find your conference welcome letter, speaker bios with social links, and speaker-specific questions to consider for your reflection or discussion time.

If you are watching on your own, you’ll want to have this guide handy any time you’re watching conference content. We encourage you to use the Questions to Consider provided by each speaker as journal/study prompts to help you further engage with the session content. We also encourage you to download and read the Host Guide if you haven’t already (You receive the Host Guide when you register for the conference). Even though you’re not hosting, there is important information included on how you will access the conference videos, sample conference schedules, etc.

If you are hosting a group, make plans to provide this Attendee Guide to each of your guests. We sent the guide early so that if you wanted to print it or have it printed, you would have that option. You can also provide it to your guests digitally.

Conference Schedules & Order

We've created the following three schedules to guide you as you watch the conference:

  • One-Day Conference Schedule
  • Two-Day Conference Schedule
  • Five-Week Bible Study Schedule

We know that while many of you plan to use one of these three schedules, others of you will watch on-demand as your schedule allows. However you decide to watch, we do have an intended order for the conference content. You can find that order on the final schedules or in your Attendee Guide. The videos will be loaded in viewing order on our playlist "Devoted and Driven Conference 2021."

Questions to Consider

Please use the “Questions to Consider” found in your Attendee Guide for discussion with your group or reflection on your own. They were written by the speakers as prompts to go along with their messages.

Conference Registration

Have you registered for the conference? If not, go ahead and register now.

Devoted Conference

The Devoted Women's Conference is a ministry of Forks of Elkhorn Baptist Church.


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