Leaving the Window

Aloha my friend! My journey to Kauai left many impressions upon me, so it is all with love.  The other day reflecting upon the past six months, amazed as I sit in my new office.  Yet, I recall the day when my boss said, ”and you’ll have to move downstairs.”  My thoughts, “downstairs, argh.”  Immediately, I began to ponder what I would have to relinquish moving downstairs.  The view outside, as only a few offices have windows in the building and of course the ladies restroom less than twenty feet away, convenience.  How often we dread leaving our comfort zone?  C.S. Lewis said, “there are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

As people, women especially, we experience many transitions in life:  wife, new mom, empty nest, divorce, menopause, promotions, etc., change.  The thought of change makes some of us excited, anxious, or perhaps fearful.  It’s like a baby birthing from the womb and entering a whole new world.  I often wonder if the baby crying is the realization of, “where are all the Angels singing and that beautiful place I left, or thanks for getting me out of that small place?” Both.  How do we deal with transitions?  Glad you asked.

Our life journey can feel like turbulence winds when a plane lands in Chicago O’Hara airport.  If you’ve ever flown into Chicago you understand.  It feels like, “Lord this is it, I’m coming up to glory,” no just a typical flight to Chicago.  Well, my friend, the turbulence along our journey is just a typical transition with Jesus.  The past six months when the transition of relationships and job seemed like the walls were closing in God challenged me with one thing.  When the pull of life comes don’t forget to acknowledge Me.

Huh? In all your ways acknowledge ME and I will make your paths clear.  (c.f. Prov 3:6) So through months of lunch hours of study with my COO and relationships, I did my best to acknowledge Him.  What does acknowledge mean?  To recognize or know.  Sure there are times I forget, my name isn’t Sis. Perfect, but when God nudged me or I bumped my head I got back on track.  Yes, in this life we will experience: the loss of a loved one, birth of a grandchild, sickness, or a move but in the midst of it recognize God is in all  & over all of it. God isn’t just sitting on His throne galaxies away, He’s in it, cooking up the next best thing.  He’s better than Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, or Patti LaBelle!

To our amazement, God gently walks with us and awaits our invitation to invade our hearts, homes and hopeless situations.  Sure, there is a tug of war at times, but we overcome through His great love for us.

God is the wind that passes in the night, the rainbow that reminds of His promises, the illumination from the moon that longs to speak to us in the night. So when I recognized life instead of God was consuming me I pumped the breaks.  Eight weeks later my boss called my desk, “Ms. Bronson can you come to my office please.” Um, sure.  As I walked down the steps, thinking he never calls me, Ms. Bronson.  As I sat down, he pulled up a seat and placed my new contract on the table.  “This will be retroactive next Monday and the secretary will order your new business cards.” 

When we rest in God, He rises in the situation as He always does. The turbulence and waves become an accelerant instead of adverse.  As I sit in my office that was built last year, larger, newer, and centered in the facility I know it was God’s desire for me to leave the window. John Maxwell said it best “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”  The new office grants new access not only as an engineer but as a woman of God seeking lost souls to be won to His kingdom.  So, my friend, it’s time to leave the window.  Though hardship, change or transition may seem difficult but in the midst of it all know God has something better, greater, while making us stronger in Him! We went through fire and waters BUT GOD has brought us to a place of abundance. (c.f. Ps 66:12b) So my friend, rest in Him so HE can rise in you!

Naomi Bronson is a musician, motivational speaker, and evangelist with a heart for those that are lost and hurting. Author of numerous books, her writing expresses her enthusiasm for speaking the word of God through writing.  Her heart and passion is family.  She has six siblings, eight nieces & nephews, and is grateful to have both of her parents.  She loves cooking, feeding, and entertaining others. Her zeal to minister to others has birthed Bread of Life Ministries, LLC, a non-profit that focuses on feeding the hungry in orphanages in Uganda, Haiti, and Honduras.